Bellini Baby Bath Sea Sponge (~13-14cm) - Large

Bellini Baby Bath Sea Sponge (~13-14cm) - Large

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Bellini® Baby Bath Sea Sponge is an organic Honeycomb bath sponge from the Mediterranean Sea for newborn babies, older kids and adults.It is extremely...
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Baby Bath Sponge

Bellini® Baby Bath Sea Sponge is an organic Honeycomb bath sponge from the Mediterranean Sea for newborn babies, older kids and adults.

It is extremely soft yet provides an exfoliating scrub making it a MUST-HAVE baby product for all parents - new & old. Definitely one of the best body scrub ever!

How to bathe a baby with Bellini® Baby Bath Sea Sponge

Regardless if it is a newborn bath or bath play time for older kids, simply throw in Bellini® Sea Sponge into the tub and see it soak in water becoming soft instantly.

Comes in 3 different sizes for different body size - Medium (~11-12cm), Large (~13-14cm) and Big (~15-16cm) (approx. diameter).

    Why use Bellini® Baby Bath Sea Sponge

    • Foam easily with a squeeze
    • Dry easily after using (no sun required)
    • 100% biodegradable
    • 100% natural, extremely absorbent and extremely soft on the skin
    • Sea sponges are known for it's long endurance
    • Hygienic - when properly rinse, it cleans itself thanks to its natural honeycomb channels
    • Hypoallergenic -  Dermatological tested & certified at the Institute of Dermatology of the University of Siena
    • Doesn't retain foam, soap & bacteria like synthetic sponges
    • Ecological - No pollution & no emission during processing unlike synthetic sponges which are petroleum derivatives that adversely affects the environment
    • Handcrafted & Manufactured in Italy

    Tips on using Bellini® Baby Bath Sponge

    Before first use and after each use:

    • Rinse the sponge with running cold or warm water (not over 40°C)
    • DO NOT boil or sterilize it
    • after using, squeeze excess water out and allow sponge to air dry (not on radiators & keep away from source of strong heat)


    • DO NOT let them suck, munch, chew, eat or swallow any part of the bath sponge
    • DO NOT leave your little ones unaccompanied during bath time
    • DO NOT share sponge - everyone should have their own personal sponge

    Being environmental friendly

    Bellini® care & respect the seafloors of the Mediterranean. All sea sponges are harvested through diving only (no dragnets) and only sponges over a certain size is selected.

    This helps to preserve the wonderful seafloor and its inhabitants - allowing natural growth and reproduction of the sponges. Learn more about the fishing & processing of Bellini® Sea Sponge here.

    Adertek Lifestyle is the exclusive distributor of Bellini® in Singapore, Malaysia & Australia.